Director's Welcome

Director's Welcome

Dear Parents,

I am pleased and excited to welcome you to Winford Bilingual Primary School. In our progressive world there is a need for dynamic and integrated education. In educating the 21st Century student, we need to prepare children for the global experience. Our bilingual program allows children to learn critical thinking skills, application of knowledge, analysis of information, comprehension of new ideas, communication, collaboration, problem solving, and decision making in two languages. We teach to more than the core subjects, we teach to the whole child. We want your child’s education to be immersive and interactive in both Dutch and English. Our students learn to become more than competent in both languages, they learn to become fluent in the language and culture that exists within the Amsterdam global community.

Our diverse and global curriculum also allows families to travel on their schedule. We offer a flexible vacation schedule that allows families to travel and explore beyond normal school calendars.

We hope that you will join us in this scholastic journey to lead your child out of their little universe into the great big, world beyond. Please see our  Admissions page for more information on how to enroll your child with us.

Do you need more information? I am happy to meet with you individually to help you navigate the best path forward for your family. Please email me for an appointment time via telephone or face to face. I look forward to hearing from you.


Warmest regards,

Joy Otto
020 751 6650