Our fees at Winford Bilingual are all inclusive. They cover testing fees in both languages, special exhibits, field trips, snacks and warm meals for each child.

Amsterdam Bilingual : The annual tuition for school year 2023-2024 is €21,300.

Haarlem Bilingual: The annual tuition for school year 2023-2024 is €16,900.

Payment Options:

  1. The above school fees for 2023/24 apply to payment in one installment, before 1 August 2023.
  2. Payment in three installments is possible (if you start at the beginning of the school year), but you pay 3% additional administration and interest costs. The terms expire on August 1, November 15 and February 1. For this option we ask you to issue a direct debit.

Enrollment after 1 August

 It is very possible to enroll your child during the school year. The school fees are prorated depending when your child begins. Depending on when you start, payment in two installments may be possible (with additional administration and interest costs).

Family discount 

If you have more than child at our school, you will receive a 10% family discount on the school fees of the youngest child for Amsterdam, and 5% for Haarlem.

Withdrawal policy

To withdraw from the school parents must give two months’ notice in writing. In the absence of written notice, two months’ tuition fees will be charged in lieu. Any overdue fees or other charges will be payable on notice of withdrawal.