Open House at Winford Haarlem

Open House at Winford Haarlem

OPEN HOUSE Wednesday 20th March 15:30-17:30

If you are looking for a school that helps your child become truly bilingual, curious, independent, with a sense of community and a love for learning – then Winford Bilingual is for you! 

We would love to show you why we are so passionate about bilingual education.  Find out more during our Open House.   

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Winford Bilingual Primary School is very much a family school, and we work hard to create positive relationships between all staff, children, and parents. We take pride in the values of our school community by focusing strongly on fostering kindness, tolerance and respect for each other and for our wider community. 

We are the only total immersion, dual language Primary School program in The Netherlands.  

We are proud to offer: 

  • All subjects taught equally 50% in English and 50% in Dutch 
  • Two teachers per class (parallel teaching) 
  • Small class sizes 
  • Multi aged/Multi level classrooms 
  • A mix of International and Dutch students 
  • Flexible holidays 
  • Home-made warm vegetarian lunches 

 We teach 3 curricula: 

  • The Dutch National Curriculum 
  • The U.K. National Curriculum 
  • The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) 

 So How Does It Work? 

Each class has two teachers – one that teaches all the subjects in Dutch and one that teaches all the subjects in English.  It is unique because both teachers give lessons simultaneously throughout the school day.  During core subject lessons, the class is split into two sections.  Half of the class will have a lesson with the Dutch teacher, and the other half will have a different lesson with the English teacher.  After the lessons have finished, the children will switch to the other teacher and language.  This happens consistently throughout the day, ensuring the children get used to translating fluidly.   

Although we are not officially a Montessori school, our approach to teaching and learning draws heavily on the Montessori philosophy. Our classrooms are designed to encourage all students to be independent and to move at their own pace as much as possible. We focus on the best education for every child by teaching to ability and capability rather than age. Students receive a high ratio of direct teacher-to-student time, allowing them to be challenged and excel during the regular school day. 

As a parent in a global setting, it is important for your child to integrate into the Dutch and International communities. Integration is key both academically and socially to help build your child's confidence. Therefore, giving them the connection making tools to aid in problem solving and abstract thinking. 

We look forward to seeing you at our House.

Winford Bilingual Schools – Experts in Bilingual Education 

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