Visions and Values

Visions and Values

Winford Bilingual Primary School is  the only total immersion, dual language primary school in the Netherlands. We have created our own unique curriculum using the  Dutch national curriculum  and the  UK national curriculum , both of which are linked closely with the  International Primary Curriculum (IPC). This well-rounded approach, along with a Dutch and English teach there  in each classroom, means that the children are completely immersed in English and Dutch throughout every school day. 

Although Winford Bilingual Primary School is not officially a Montessori school, in our approach to teaching and learning, we draw heavily on the Montessori philosophy. Our classrooms are designed to encourage all our students to be independent and to move at their own pace as much as possible. In this space we try to encourage a love of learning in each child and a curiosity about the world around them that we hope will last for the rest of their lives.

We want our classrooms to  be a reflection of  the global environment that exists within the Amsterdam community. We believe that children learn best when they are given opportunities for success through interaction with their peers and the adults around them. We strive to promote a sense of community through mixed age groups in each classroom, where children work, play and eat meals together. W e serve both international and Dutch students to make our school not only bilingual in language but culturally immersive.

We believe that children should be respected as individuals and allowed to cultivate their innate desire to learn. Our goal is to provide the highest quality dual language education within a global setting, which prepares your child for life beyond the primary classroom.   


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