Our Team

Joanne Streets, Director

My name is Joanne Streets. I am privileged to be the Director of Winford Bilingual Leiden and will also be teaching in the different groups several days per week. I am married to a Scotsman, hence the English-sounding surname. We are the parents of two children: Pieter (15 years old) and Elise (13 years old). They both attend the Rijnlands Lyceum in Oegstgeest, where they follow the Bilingual and International streams. I have been working in education since 1997. After obtaining my Teacher Training’s diploma in 1997, with a specialism in Dalton and Special Education, I continued my studies for a Master’s Degree in Special Educational Needs. During my graduation, I focused on children with dyslexia and dyscalculia in combination with highly giftedness. For the past 24 years I have taught at various Dutch and international (primary and secondary) schools in Huizen, Houston (TX), Tunisia, Bunde, Basel (CH), Delft, Rijswijk and Leiden. In addition to teaching, I have worked as a coach, a Remedial Teacher, a S.E.N.co., a coordinator for the Dutch programme at the Awty International School in Houston and as a language teacher for Dutch and English. Since 2016 I am a Davis counselor. And in my practice, StreetsWijs, I help children and adults, by using the Davis Counseling method, to regain control of their learning and behavioural challenges. I never have the feeling that I am finished acquiring new techniques and views on learning and their development. In between my Master’s and my Davis counseling course, I have completed courses such as - Ik Leer Anders (I learn differently), How-2-Talk-2 kids, English as a Second Language, Kern Vision Method and Davis Learning Strategies for the young learner. I am currently following a Post- ‘HBO’ for the ‘Child’s brain and movements.’ My aim is to build up a challenging and fully immersive bilingual programme together with my team of Winford Bilingual, in which students experience that learning is fun. I am looking forward to working with the diverse and international community of students, teachers and parents at the second Winford Bilingual Primary School in Leiden. I feel honoured and privileged to lead and help develop this new adventure. I can always be reached for questions/comments - after all, together we take care of the well-being of your child.